Artist statement

The author applies photography as the basic form of media, ambitiously experimenting with various techniques, both old and new. Her techniques include shooting monocle (single-lens camera), photograms, combined graphics and photography, mockumentary, light motion collage, digital applique. In the exhibition space, the author finds innovative ways of presentation, such as a total installation of texts for the Came from the sea project or the idea of ​​visualizing the principle of the imperfection of stratigraphic records by Darwin on pedestals with "spaces".


The author is driven primarily by curiosity, and experimenting provides her with the opportunity to fuel this curiosity. For today, a lot of different shooting methods, materials, and techniques have been invented that the artist dons to her themes and updates the methods that, at first glance, seem archaic at present. The author equates the use of the entire pool of photography benefits with a nonlinear time series model that lacks the direct relationship between the future and the past but only provides a set of tools scattered in a four-dimensional space-and-time universe that can be selected and compilated.


The author follows through a new paradigm of human-nature relationships, where humans are not superior to the surrounding world. The general topic of her research is evolution. Evolution of matter, bio-objects, natural laws, social phenomena throughout time. Time and photography, they are very closely related: exposure time, time as an epoch, deformation of the sequence of past-present-future events, projecting on paper the moments that will never be repeated, the materialization of light fluxes that creates the illusion that you have grasped the life moment... Meanwhile, from the point of view of physics, time remains unknown, and it poses more questions than answers to the author.


In the first project City of My Childhood which was the start of her creative career, the author literally cuts a certain period from the general cast of memories. In the project Sodium Glutamate, the research is made during a long period of time. This research shows the changes made by man in the environment he created. Here, time also provides a technical means for implementing an idea. In the latest project, the focus is on an extremely long period required to look through the principles of global changes in the process of evolution.


An important feature of the author's project work is the long extend in time. And it is not for the sake of creating additional value of the shooting process, although it is of matter too, but also highlighting the minor details that form the foundation for the evolution. In the course of work on the latest projects, the author appeals to scientific research, interacts with scientists, enters into collaboration with them, thus becoming a guide to the world of complex scientific knowledge that can become intuitively understandable to the viewers.

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