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2012  photobook "Look wider", an inclusive project about the life of disabled people in society on equal ground.

Authors: Natasha Podunova, photographer, artist and Оleg Kolpashchikov, a totally visually disabled, business advisor, yachtsman, President of White Cane social organization.

Printing of 1200 copies. ISBN 978-5-904781-20-0


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2018 the book "School of your name" – the biography of the outstanding teacher of the School Verkhnepyshminskaya  for blind and visually impaired children, built from the stories of colleagues, close friends, and the school of archive and personal photos.


The book is not for sale, but it can be found in major libraries of the country.

Printing of 1000 copies.  ISBN 978-5-85383-705-8

Some book spreads >>>

2020  Culture of Yekaterinburg news portal about the Came from the sea exhibition

2020 news portal about the Came from the sea exhibition 

2020  Sverdlovsk Region Tourism Center, invitation to the author's excursion 

2020, portal for paleontologists, announcement of the exhibition "Came from the sea"

2020  Sinara Art Gallery, online exhibition "Leonid Turzhansky. The artist who united the horizons"

2021  PhotoEkb, local photo blog, interview

2021  Uralartplatform, text by Zhenya Chayka "Loose loops of time"

2021  It's my city, about working at the Shishim Hill residence

2021  podcast Harsh Canvas, "Ural Nature in the Frame and Without It"

2021 Republic, news portal, photostory "Build an Airship and Fly Away" 

2021 ArtUzel, about the exhibition "External Noise. Inner Silence" 

2022 Artandyou, about exhibition “Adaptants” 

2022 about Came From The Sea

2022 about Came From The Sea

2022 Культура РФ about Came From The Sea

2022 Association of Museums about Came From The Sea

2022 Artandyou about the exhibition "Interference Unification Structure

2022 Ekaterinburg History Museum about the lecture "The most advanced creatures on the planet - animals or plants?"

2022 TV channel St. Petersburg about the festival OtherSides 

2023 Glubina Gallery, lecture "The Carbon Footprint. What knowledge is needed today to avoid being manipulated" 

2023 Polevskoy Historical Museum "The most advanced creatures on the planet - animals or plants?" in the framework of the Night of Museums

2023 Sergey Popov in an exhibition in Perm 

2023 Artist-talk at the PERMM Museum of Modern Art 

2023 Blogger yetawow about an exhibition in Perm 

2024 URA.RU about UNDARK fest 

2024 Other publications in blogs and media about UNDARK fest 

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