Born in Ivdel, Sverdlovsk Region in 1977, lives and works in the suburbs of Yekaterinburg. Member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers since 2012.

Education - FotoDepartment Institute, 2013 – 2014. Completed training courses by Gert Jochems, Thomas Kellner, Guillaume Guerin, 2013


A photographer, contemporary artist. Participated in exhibitions in Russia, Europe and Asia. The main topic of her researches is evolution. Evolution of matter, biological objects, natural laws, social phenomena through time. She works with photography media, conducts experiments with different techniques, such as monocle shooting, printing photograms, combined graphics and photography, mockumentary, collages created by light and photos in motion, digital applique. Explores the interdisciplinary links between photography and science.

Personal exhibitions:

2013.02 — Russia, Ekaterinburg, Gallery of Modern Art  

2017.07 — Russia, Pervouralsk, Innovative Cultural center

2020.02 — Russia, Yekaterinburg, Yeltsin center Art gallery, as a curator and author of a collective exhibition


Exhibitions plan for 2022:

Russia, Innovative Cultural center, Pervouralsk — 08-09.2022

Russia, State Darwin museum, exhibition "Paradoxes of Evolution," organized by Gallery 22, 11.2022 — 02.2023


Selected group exhibitions:

2022 Russia, Moscow, CCI Fabrika, the exhibition "Adaptants" by undergraduates of the Russian State University of Humanities in the field of art project curatorship

2022 Russia, Moscow, Labyrinth Gallery, exhibition "External Noise. Inner Silence", video-art "Timelessness”

2022 Russia, Moscow, Gallery of Classical Photography, PhotoTOP Still Life

2022 Russia, Moscow, Art Skvazhina group, exhibition "One Here... No Other..."

2022 United Kingdom, London, Boomer Gallery, "The new artist" exhibition”

2022 USA, ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline, "All women artists" exhibition”

2020  Russia, Yekaterinburg, Yeltsin center Art gallery, science art project “Came from the sea”

2020  China, Yunnan Provincial Museum, exhibition “Me and My Family”

2017  France, Paris, Russiantearoom gallery and curating agency, "SOUS TENSION"

2016  China, 16th International Art Exhibition, “A little genius”

2015  Russia, Moscow, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, “We-ll-timed” in the 9th International Biennale, "Fashion and Style in  Photography"

2014  China, Yixian, «The 9th International Festival of Photography"

2014  Russia, Norilsk, "Young Photography in Norilsk"

2014  Belarus, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, We-ll-timed

2014  Russia, St.Petersburg, FotoDepartament, We-ll-timed

2014  Netherlands, Amsterdam, photo festival “OpenBorder”

2013  Russia, Krasnoyarsk, Festival of screen and Media arts, «Between the air and a painting»

2013  Russia. Pervouralsk, HNC, “Between us”

2013  China, Pingyao International Photography Festival

2013  Russia, Ekaterinburg, Metenkov House Museum of Photography, 'New Wave'

2013  Russia, Ekaterinburg, UralNCCA, Yekaterinburg

2012  Russia, St.Petersburg, FotoDepartament  2012/2 “Young photography”

2012  Romania, FotoExpo


Awards, Honorable mantion, Short list

2013  China, Gold Medal Award in China 15th International Art Exhibition

2016  Netherlands, Dostoevsky Photography`s list

2016  USA, IPA, International Photo Awards, Family of man, Family portrait, Honorable mention

2017  France, Les Boutographies 2017, short list

2017  USA, choice the gallery Bokeh Bokeh, San Francisco

2018  United Kingdom, International Photography Grant nominee

2019  Russia, Moscow International Foto Awards, category Science 'Came from the sea', Honorable mention

2022 USA, ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline, "All women artist" exhibition, 2nd place in the photography category.


Participation in residences:

2021.02  Art-residence "Shishim Hill", Yekaterinburg


The author's works are held:

in the public collections of the Metenkov House-Museum in Yekaterinburg, in collection of Andrei Kozitsin, Anton Bakov, Ilya Shipilovskikh.

The photobook  'Look wider' is in the following collections: Association Valentin Haüy, Paris, France; Sverdlovsk Regional Scientific Library named by G. Belinsky, Yekaterinburg; Russian Center for Science and Culture in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Gdansk, Helsinki, Vienna; Russian Art and Culture Assosiation, Antalya, Turkey, Libraries for the blind in the Baltic States and in more than fifty cities in Russia.



The author's work is represented in the galleries:

Photcher Gallery, Moscow, online gallery

Gallery GLUBINA, Moscow, Sergei Eisenstein str. 2


Additional Information:

Participated in photography conferences (organized by FotoDepartment)

She was a jury member in local photo contests, organizer of the Metenkov House-Museum, the Center of Photography March.