The images were created using the camera-less technique of light prints of full-size objects on light-sensitive photo paper. They imitate fossils that, according to the author, the "paleontologists" of the future may find in millions of years, and they are unlikely to be mammals.


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2014 — 2019
Science art project dedicated the evolution of climate and landscapes of the Earth, their past and future. Petrified pages of memory of the Ural Ocean and the Great Perm Sea, which existed in the Ural Mountains in the Paleozoic era, reemerging in the Anthropocene epoch.


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video review



A set of digital collages that present a multidimensional view of common things and a subjective perception of the objective world.


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2013 — ongoing


Photos of the urban environment, including posters and street ads, were printed on transparent film and shot as a pile through a light table with a long exposure. The result is an image that looks like a watercolor painting. Through this action, the artist transforms many symbols and signs into a single image as if she adds a flavor booster to the dish. But it doesn’t make it tastier or healthier.


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2021 — 2023


An exhibition project about the unity and opposition in the world of plants and animals provides examples of observing multiple reincarnations within one species of wild herbaceous plants. It is about the search for new ways of perceiving organisms living next to humans but previously considered motionless and lacking consciousness.


The planned deadline for the project work completion is autumn 2023.






Personal Project dedicated to stepfather. All modern objects in the photos were cut out in Photoshop in the form of white spots like in children's appliques.


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