About photobook "Look wider"

Such is the custom in this country that the society somehow ignores the disabled, or pretends not to see them. Knock a wood, as they say. Hide them behind a high fence, remove them from streets far off the sight. No disabled - no problem: let’s put our heads in the sand, take the ostrich defense, and that’s that. Take, for instance, this particular superstition: “Do not touch a crutch - you’ll become disabled”, or “Don’t you tie your eyes with a bandage – you’ll go blind”.


Help is the most primitive, and humiliating, in my opinion, thing which our society is ready to do for them. The word "help" to me is like a red rag to a bull. It is homeless cats and dogs, penguins or other helpless animals that need help, but not the disabled. In contrast, they are people who need to learn from, and that means to learn fortitude and infinitely positive mood. The very first thing healthy people need to do to integrate people with disabilities into society is not commercials showing the disabled being cared for, or nominated school stars, not at all. Rather, you need to start communicating as equals, to stand on one social level. For the moment, this communication goes top down.


What do you think makes an ‘average disabled’ different from a ‘positive disabled’? An average disabled asks for help, while a positive one helps others, especially healthy people.

How can a disabled man help, you might ask? – By showing you how to enjoy every day as the last one, by doing a business with the greatest commitment, so that, if you do something without a spark, then it is not actually yours.


I’d be happy if the book would sell not only to people with disabilities and their families, although it is, in itself, is already a great achievement. After all, we are accustomed to the fact that the state must give, for free. I would like healthy people to buy the book, too, - and best of all as a gift. When that happens, I'll be truly happy. Imagine you are presented with a book about the blind: “Oh my,” - you’ll think to yourself – “I'll go blind soon.” That’s how it is today, isn’t it?


And most importantly - all the characters in this book can change the world. They have already started to do so! And I like my being part of it!


Brief description:

The book relates the life and work of forward-minded blind people in the modern world. The book is a series of fine art photography, accompanied by brief dialogues between the characters and the photographer.

The authors intended to show real examples of people who, albeit caught in a difficult life situation, not only deal with their problems and sores, but live a life of dignity and beauty, while doing good and useful things.

This book is addressed to:

Parents who disagree that their children are sick and flawed;

The disabled who want to live an exciting life;

"Healthy" people who think they are out of luck;

And all who lost their way.



Authors: Natasha Podunova, photographer, member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers and Оleg Kolpashchikov, a totally visually disabled, business advisor, yachtsman, President of White Cane social organization.


96 pages

offset printed: colour


selfpublished 1200 copies


price 20euro

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