Video Art Digit-to-Digit

2014 — 2022


From the artist's diary:

“Once I decided to test my monitor for flickering and took a screenshot with my phone. Then I wondered about what will happen if I reshoot this frame from one digital device to another many, many times with the same exposure and illumination level. I took about one hundred and fifty shots. The result was an amazing deformation of colors, tone, and screen grid that appeared and disappeared alternatively.

I noticed that after every next reshoot, the number of megabytes in the photo decreased, and it means that the amount of information decreased, the half-tones disappeared. Well, and the most important question that still puzzles me is who makes the image: a person, a phone, a monitor, or we all together? "


digital photos assembled into a video sequence

video length is 14 seconds, loop

can be displayed on any screen size

on this platform video not fully published