The experimental exhibition Structure of Interference Combined at the GLUBINA Gallery is a research project. Its first part was carried out by 13 artists in the north of the Leningrad region. The participants plunged deep into meditation, trying the sensory experience of perceiving an unknown space, and then externalizing it in various media: video, sculpture, painting, installation, photography, performance. The exhibition took place in 3D first in a condemned Finnish cowshed and in a gallery in Moscow in summer 2022.

Dance 2H2O

Wandering through the woods, I paid attention to objects created by men. Among these objects, there was a pile of rusty gas cartridges near the stone outcrops that strongly resembled the place where I live. During meditation, I imagined a tourist performing a ritual dance around a fire.


Fire as a unique phenomenon, as a chemical reaction only possible on one planet in the solar system today: on our planet. And only one species of animal, Homo sapiens, knows how to control it. It has power and danger, the ability to evoke a complex range of emotions from fear to worship. It is no wonder that many myths, superstitions and rituals have developed around this element since ancient times. After all, thanks to fire, a new species of mammal appeared in nature: humans.


Dancer - Alexander Frolov

photos at the offline exhibition